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What's Next?


We are open to assist in any huge gaming product creating and development including expert evaluation of existing games or a brand new gaming idea, product management, marketing, etc.  The general areas we are focusing are the following:

Your Next Great Thing


There are no limits for gaming products development. Using years of expertise in the industry, wide knowledge base and incredible creativity the AGE team is able to invent the next great solution for your business. 


At any project we apply our proven "7.3 Paradigm" methodology allowing to ensure that a future product will be well done for all aspects - players retention, compliance, gaming revenue, etc.

Universal Gaming Systems


Bookmaker business now is not only the sports betting. Thanks to Fantasy Sports type games in conjunction with web and mobile technologies progress the betting business has new big-promising opportunities to grow. As well as pre-recorded games, lottery betting, financial betting, binary options, cyber sports, skill games that has own places on the market. 


However the betting sector of the industry has quite extensive potential for the further growth. From one side there is a way of new innovative betting games development including mix of seperate games concepts. From other side there are a lot of features from other sectors (video-slot games, social casino, lottery, etc.) that can be adopted for the betting games to increase its appeal, retainability and incentive for the players. 

Highly Interactive Games


The markets need a series of feature-rich slots games in the land-based casino-style with classic five-reel configuration, auto-spin option, colorful graphics, wild and scattered symbols, exciting bonus opportunities, free-spins, double-up and other proven entertainment features. The games themes should be close to the most successful games on various markets for decades.


One of the key features of that kind of project is high level of interactivity and player dependent variability of the games content. For instance, a virtual character in the games who offers to players their favorite games or gives some extra wins or rewards or benefits as an ongoing incentive system for players.

Thanks to HTML5 the games can be played on a variety of devices (on a desktop or a smartphone or tablet) with the same gameplay experience for the players.

Social and Mobile Gaming


The modern social casino games will combine classic land-based casino-style games with highly successful free-to-play model and other social gaming elements like periodical rewards, friends invitation and interaction, etc. The social features allow users to play in real-time with others (across mobile devices and Facebook), to chat or share virtual gifts with them around the world.


Acknowledging the multitude of other social casino and mobile games available on the market we pay particular attention to the ongoing incentive system for players to continue spending money within and playing (including free rewards to players as they continue to level up, experience points unlocking the next level games, other benefits). In conjunction with exciting content and some special engaging features it gives highly appealing, enjoyable and retaining gameplay.

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